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To Whom It May Concern:

My girlfriend and myself have been taking golden flaxseed for many years and have seen a big difference in our total cholesterol.  These last two years have been the best and our HDL are very high (72 and 87).  Our total cholesterol has dropped 30 points.  We went from an average of 200 to 170's.  We take between 3 to 4 tablespoons of flaxseeds with out breakfast each morning.  Our total Chol/HDL Ratio is 2 which is fantastic.  Anything under 4 is good.  Our triglycerides are under the normal range.  We truly believe these wonderful results are due to the Golden Flaxseeds.
Thanking you kindly for your great healthy product. We will continue and recommend this product to all our friends and family.
Alfred J. Carlucci  & friend
Thank you, Stevens family for a great product, simple, efficient, ordering process and for carrying on a family tradition! May God continue to bless your business and family in the days ahead! Good health, great crops and continued success in 2013.

Best regards,

Tom Webster
Dear Stevens Farm,
Dear Stevens Farm, I received my flax seed starter kit and have started adding flax seed to just about everything. I love it sprinkled on salads and it's great in oatmeal. Thank you very much. I will definitely tell everyone about your flax seed.
Everything is just great!
Betsy B.
Name: Pat B.
Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 22 17:48:47 2004
Comment: it's great I will be ordering again. Very prompt delivery
Hi, I received your golden flax seed about 10 days ago, but because I had a supply of the dark flax seed, I did not try your golden flax seed until today. It looks and tastes like the finest quality flax seed. My next order will be for your 30 pound bags in about 4 months.
Name: Bill C.
Country: USA
Comment: Your seeds appear better looking and tastier than my previous purchase from a competitor. Delivery and packaging from you was just fine.
Bill C.
Name: NB
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for the holiday wishes. We wish you the same, and are extremely happy with your product. Happy holidays to you all!

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