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Horses Health With Natural Flax (Omega 3 EFA’s)

Supercharge Your Horse’s Health With Natural Flax (Omega 3 EFA’s)

Some of the many benefits your horse may receive from adding Omega 3 EFA’s (essential fatty acids) to your horse’s diet:

  • Flax is one of the richest known sources of Omega-3 of any plant in the world! Flax seed naturally contains 40 percent oil, of which 55 percent is Omega-3 essential oil. Ground flax seed is an excellent source!
  • There is some scientific evidence to suggest that Omega-3 essential fatty acids can have a natural “calming effect” beneficial in managing those ‘high strung’ horses.
  • Improved coat, skin, and hooves.
  • Antioxidant properties to help improve overall metabolic processes.
  • Improved Stamina.
  • Joint lubrication and overall tissue health! Omega 3 EFA’s anti-inflammatory properties may be useful in treating a number of autoimmune dysfunctions as well as in easing the symptoms (sore aching joints) of arthritis, or preexisting injuries.
  • Excellent addition/preventative to horses’ diets who are pastured or stabled on sandy terrain and are at an increased risk of sand colic or impaction. Stabilized ground flax seed contains a high amount of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber which is very high in mucilage. Flax mucilage swells and takes on a gel-like consistency that traps and suspends sand, carrying it out..
  • High in Fiber – keep those guts moving!
  • Immune Booster! Our equine partners can become stressed during travel, competition, and stalling at strange places. Stress can decrease our horse’s natural immune function and response which in turn may make them more susceptible to certain diseases and viruses.
  • Low carb. Heart healthy! Flax supplementation has been shown to aid in the management of the following equine disorders: Insulin resistance, Cushings Disease, and Laminitis.  Flax offers a ‘good fat’ to our horses’ diets!
  • “Farm Fresh Flax Grown in the Dakotas!”

Stevens’ Farm Flax is Cold Milled, Ground, and packaged to provide optimum feeding ease, freshness, digestibility, and a stabilized shelf life of 20 Months!! Convenient and easy to add to your horse’s rations -  Stevens’ Farm Dakota Grown Flax comes in three pound “On the Go Flax Packs” to 50 lb. bulk bags for your at home feeding needs.

Suggested feeding: ½ cup ground flax per day for a 1200 pound horse.

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